About UN Network

About UN Network

How we do it

UN Network is Worldwide Logistics Network, working on an agent to agent partnership with mutual benefits for exchanging of business

UN stands for Founders Name Umesh & Niraj young professionals having more than Nine (9) years of experience in Logistics Networking & assist you to get instant access to companies’ databases within the network to share ideas, quotes, and partnership possibilities to expand your operations through various modes including 24 hours active WhatsApp group. At UN Network we take pride in ourselves as a leading network of logistics information delivery platforms providing excellence in every network we make.

About UN Network

How it works

Search Agents from Different Countries to work with, send inquiries, sign mutual agreements to Exchange the business, this is how businesses grow up in Network & Discover new business opportunities.

UN Network

Who We Are?

All the Things you Need to know About Us

We are a professional team having experience of 9 years in Logistics Networking Worldwide, We understand the day-to-day of the Logistics business. We know the need and difficulties to find new reliable agents from Worldwide and where UN Network can help you to find new business opportunities,

This platform can become a tool for you to be more productive and make your job smooth.